Neicy Johnson


In March of 2004, Neicy had been diagnosed with stage 3B Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and it changed the trajectory of her life. It was stage 3B and although she had a higher rate of survival the Cancer had spread to her neck, underarms, chest, and lungs. She immediately opted into the option of chemotherapy. At the time of her diagnoses, her children were 13 and 5 years old. She had the help and support of family and friends but she couldn’t help to think about women who were fighting the same battle without the support system she had.

In September 2004, Neicy was declared Cancer free and completed her last chemo treatment in October 2004! In 2006 she revisited her vision of wanting to help women who were fighting the same battle that she defeated. She started out participating in Cancer walks, donating to organizations, and purchasing items where the proceeds are donated to people battling the disease. Deep down inside she knew that wasn’t enough and she began to research ways to help more. Stumbling across a breast cancer survivor calendar she was fascinated with the idea to allow women currently battling and survivors, to tell their stories and allow the world to see them in a beautiful way.

After much planning and research, in 2013 she produced her first Taking Our Lives Back calendar. The mission for the calendar is to allow women to enjoy a pamper day that includes makeup, a photo shoot, and an opportunity to share their journey fighting cancer. The calendar encourages other women who are battling cancer to keep fighting and not to give up on life despite the on-going bouts with chemotherapy, hair loss, surgeries, radiation, tears, pain, and depression. A portion of the proceeds from the sales was donated to organizations such as The Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute, Lymphoma Research Foundation, Josephine Ford Cancer Center, Cancer Awareness and Resource Network, and My Sistah's Pink Journey all of which provides cancer patients and their families with assistance for living expenses and more.

“Great customer service, kuddos for doing things the right way rather than the easy way. I am still getting compliments about the food served at my wedding.”