Toni Cleaves


Toni is the vice president of Taking Our Lives Back of Michigan.  She has been a part of our team for several months.   She works closely with the president and other staff members to provide operational oversite, as well as, support, and resources to our Michigan clients who are impacted by cancer.  She is very passionate about providing relief and comfort to our client’s lives.  Before this role, Toni served as a board member for the Francesca Fraser Sickle Cell Foundation of Michigan for several years.  She has over 20-years of honourable service with the United Armed Forces.  Serving two tours of combat service during Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) after 911.  To her credit, she received numerous accolades for humanitarian and community support domestic and abroad.  She completed over 3-years of course work with Kaplan University in the areas of Human Resource Management and Health Care Management.  She also completed numerous certification programs over the years relating to Human Resources, Finance, Workman’s Compensations, Logistics, Leadership, Management, Combat Life Saver, First Aid, and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), just to name a few.   She believes her training and skillset will help our organization yield positive results for our clients.  Her hope is that we inspire others to join us in our crusade to provide support to Michigan women and their families.  Along with the other organization members, Toni’s goal is to ease the minds of our clients so that they can take their lives back.

“Great customer service, kuddos for doing things the right way rather than the easy way. I am still getting compliments about the food served at my wedding.”